About Us

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) is a professional society of individuals skilled in clearly communicating technical content. Members include writers, editors, content strategists, Web developers, designers, graphic artists, translators, and others. The Twin Cities Community of STC, a recognized chapter of STC, provides networking, employment, volunteer, and educational opportunities.

From the STC Articles of Incorporation:

  1. The name of the Corporation is SOCIETY FOR TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION, INC.
  2. The purposes for which the Corporation is formed are:
  1. To engage in scientific, literary, and educational activities designed to advance the theory and practice of the arts and sciences of technical communication and to achieve this advance by holding meetings for reading and discussion of papers and by exchanging ideas, knowledge, philosophy, and techniques of these arts and sciences.
  2. To encourage the preparation of original papers, articles, monographs, periodicals, and books dealing with the techniques of communication in the natural sciences and engineering.
  3. To guide and inform students and to aid colleges and universities in the establishment of curricula for training in the arts and sciences of technical communication.
  4. To advance the arts and sciences of technical communication in order to promote the public welfare through the development of better educated personnel in the field of technical communication.
  5. To do everything necessary and proper in connection with or incidental to the above purposes.